ZPAL Palletizerer / Depalletizer

Robot & End effectors

Industrial parts handling with the Steimel ZPAL palletizer / depalletizer

SCARA robot

The palletizing process is carried out by a SCARA robot. The very lightweight and flexible small robot is optimally suited for this task. Due to the overhead mounting of the robot, it works without dead zones and the entire range of motion is available for the application. Fast and precise motion sequences with maximum repeat accuracy ensure the desired result in the ZPAL palletizer.

Variants of end effectors

Gripper variants for the ZPAL palletizer / depalletizer
The SCARA robot has a quick-change system and can be equipped with different gripper systems. Here, positive grippers, magnetic grippers and vacuum grippers are available for part-specific handling.

Palletizing process from the perspective of the SCARA robot


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