Temporarely closed

In June 2021, our company will be closed every Friday.

Gebr. Steimel GmbH & Co.

Information about the Covid 19 situation

Dear customers,
dear suppliers,

the safety and health of our employees, their families, our customers and suppliers is very important to us.

In order to ensure an appropriate working environment, we take the necessary precautions, for example by restricting trips that are not absolutely necessary and instead promoting virtual meetings and preventing our employees from participating in external appointments.

According to the current status of the situation, we can draw on unlimited capacities in all departments of Gebr. Steimel GmbH & Co. and, in accordance with our internal precautionary measures, are also very keen to be able to maintain this for the near future.

We continue to produce for our customers without restrictions and are available to you through the usual contacts.

If our situation changes, we will inform you immediately here.ormieren.

We appreciate your continued support in this situation and wish you all the best.

Gebr. Steimel GmbH & Co.